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Sponsor Application Enclosures

for Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists
in Massachusetts

Important Notice: Rhode Island certification discontinued


Cover Page(s) listing each activity, start date, fee and payment method,
Sponsor’s Application, completed, signed and dated (one copy only),
• Bibliography or reading list relevant to each activity (minimum of 3 items),
• Sample evaluation form(s) to be completed by participants,
• Catalog or brochure (if available),
• Other: any other descriptive information which may help us evaluate the appropriateness
of your program for MFT’s.
Instructor Qualification: either resume' or biographical information about your instructors(s) if their qualification for teaching MFT CE activities is not immediate apparent. Only 1 qualified instructor needed per activity.
Fee: please make payment online here. Check or card can be used.
Note: your application will be reviewed after all enclosures, including the fee, are received.
More detail about the Application process and enclosures can be found here: Information for Sponsors.



40 SPEEN ST., #106
voice 800-814-9100 ext. 6   | fax 508-217-3323


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