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FDA/CE Certifications

Certification of Professional Continuing Education Activities
for Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists

Massachusetts & Rhode Island



The Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health Professions regulates the profession of Marriage & Family Therapy. The Board was created in 1991 and authorized in legislation at MGL Chapter 13, Sections 88 – 90. The Rules and Regulations governing Allied Mental Health Professionals are at 262 CMR 1.00 – 9.00. Licensing provisions are at MGL Chapter 112, Sections 61 – 65 and Sections 163 – 172. Specific license renewal and continuing education regulations are found in these latter sections as well as on FDA/CE’s web site: www.mftce.com. Additional policies of the Board are published on the Board’s web site.


In 1994 the Board identified the “entities” that would be responsible for certifying continuing education activities acceptable to meet license renewal requirements. The Massachusetts Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, Inc. (MAMFT), a division of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, Inc. was chosen as the entity for MFT’s. MAMFT published a request for proposals to subcontract the administration of its CE program. FDA/CE Certifications was chosen by MAMFT to design and implement the CE program. The following guidelines were drafted by MAMFT and FDA/CE jointly and presented to the Board. In 1994 the Board approved MAMFT’s program as designed, and also approved implementation by FDA/CE.


Rhode Island:

Note: On January 31, 2018 FDA/CE ended its role of certifying LMFT continuing education for the Rhode Island MFT association. For our statement about this decision, click here.

The following statement of authority applies to our previous role with RI LMFT continuing education.

The Board of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapists regulates the MFT profession in Rhode Island. The Board’s legislative authority is at Section 42 – 35 and 5-63.2 of the General Lasw of Rhode Island, as amended (2002). The Board’s regulations and policy are described at it’s web site and also in the document: “Rules and Regulations for the Licensing of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapists,” (R5-63.2-MHC/MFT), available in Adobe Acrobat format. The Rhode Island regulations identifies the Rhode Island Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, Inc., (RIAMFT) a division of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, Inc. as the entity responsible for designating approved MFT CE activities. In 1999 the RIAMFT contracted with FDA/CE Certifications to design and implement its CE certification program.

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