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Online Payments to FDA/CE Certifications

Use the payment button on this page to submit payments directly to FDA/CE, using any major credit card or debiting out of any bank checking account. You will see your payment confirmed and also receive an email confirmation.

Note: CE Sponsors: calculate your total payments first using this chart.

PayPal Changes: We now have a "shopping cart" with a drop-down menu for selecting your payment amount. Select your payment amount, add "Purpose of Payment" and a "Brief Note" if you wish. Then click "Add to Cart."

Note: If the amount you are paying is NOT one of the choices in the drop down menu below:

  • select the highest amount that does not exceed your fees (ex. for $75 select $70), click "Add to Cart",
  • then from the Cart page, select "continue shopping" to return to this page and add an additional amount.


  • Once you are on the Cart page, you also have the option to add quantities of a chosen amount.
    For example: if you are paying $90, you can select $45 from the drop down menu below, then on the Cart page
    make the quantity "2".

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