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Rhode Island LMFT Certification Updates


Update: 1/15/2018

We've been informed by AAMFT and RIAMFT, that "sometime in early 2018", the RIAMFT will be dissolved, and another family therapy organization will be formed in it's place. Because our authority to certify LMFT activities comes from RIAMFT, we will discontinue creating new RI LMFT certifications as of January 31, 2018. All RI certifications created prior to February 1, 2018 by us, will remain valid.

We have been providing RI certification since 1999, and are grateful for having had that opportunity. We look forward to seeing the inspiration and direction of the new organization.




Update: 1/8/2018

Dear Continuing Education Sponsor,

There are a number of changes going on in the LMFT profession which may affect your choices about future certification with RI.

I was informed today that the RI Registration Board will accept approval from other mental health professions, including "provider status" and that independent LMFT approval is not required for RI LMFTs to receive credit for their licensing renewal.

Because of this, I want you all to know that RI certification thru us is no longer considered necessary for LMFT's, so long as you have other professions approval. Specifically, psychology, social work and mental health counselors approval will be accepted by the RI Board.

Please do not continue to submit and pay for the additional RI approval, unless you do not have the other approvals, and/or you prefer to have the LMFT approval identified with your program.

There may be changes under way for Massachusetts LMFT certification as well, however there is no change as of now or the near future.

I am sorry for any confusion this may cause, but I wanted to spread the word as quickly as possible.
Any questions, of course, let me know.



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